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For Better for Worse (Premiering Soon)

Genre:   Action

Release Year:   2018

Duration:   120



MPAA Rating:   G (General Audiences)

Kwanza Rating:   

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Juliet and Matthew are living their dream after 5 years of marriage, solid jobs, an intelligent teenager and a baby on the way, until she is diagnosed with breast cancer.  "PURPLE HEARTS" highlights the supportive role of family in understanding and dealing with the trauma and tribulation, that comes with cancer treatment. When Juliet makes the decision to have the baby, despite the possible consequences and the strong objections of family, she unfolds a series events and reactions that threaten the very fabric of love and unity, that bind them as a family.

"Purple Hearts" tells the story of a woman's battle to save her unborn baby and her marriage, despite having been diagnosed with breast cancer and the consequent emotional tribulations they have to contend with as a family. With superlative performances by TANA ADELANA and KUNLE REMI, supported by veterans SAM DEDE and BIMBO MANUEL, "Purple Hearts" depicts the critical role the family plays in supporting victims of cancer, before, during and after treatment.


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